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  1. Videos should be under one minute, thirty seconds long (1:30 max).
  2. The video will show you doing the following three things:
    1. Start with you on camera telling people who you are and what you want them to do.
    2. Show examples of what you want people to do; something illustrating a small act of inspiration.
    3. End with you on camera summarizing what you want people to do again. *See template below*
  3. Content must be tasteful, inspirational, positive, and showing some type of action.
    1. Acts of inspiration should involve other people (strangers or not!) whenever possible.
    2. Videos should reflect the mission and goals of Go Inspire Go.
  4. Please send an email with your YouTube link of the video for our review: gigspark@goinspirego.com. We will contact you if we share it on our platforms.

Submission Guidelines

  1. YouTube/Google Account: Please upload your video on your own YouTube account. Don't have one? CLICK HERE to create a YouTube account.
  2. Can we SEE and HEAR you? If no one can see or hear it, no one will watch it. Make sure to CHECK HERE for shooting tips.
  3. Title and tag your GIG Spark Videos: Use the title "GIG Spark" and include your name and location, e.g., "GIG Spark: Amber in San Francisco." Make sure to use tags to describe your video so others can find it, e.g., "Smile stickers," "Amber sparks smiles" or "inspiring smiles."
  4. Please don't use our logo. Please don't use our logo in your video.
  5. Follow the Guidelines. If you don't we can't share it.


By sending us your videos you give Go Inspire Go permission to share and use your videos online in order to spread GIG's goal of encouraging viewers to "Use Their Powers -- Resources, Talents and Network -- to Help Others." Not all videos will be shared. We reserve the right to share videos that follow our rules/guidelines and are aligned with our mission.